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Lawrence & Mayo Story Since 1877


Our Story

A legacy upheld by vision.

Marking the nascence with the first showroom founded in Calcutta in 1877, the Lawrence & Mayo family is renowned for seasoned handiwork in crafting high grade precision eye care solutions.

As one of the key factors driving new standards in India's optical industry, Lawrence & Mayo has stood apart by being the pioneer retailer to introduce contact lenses and computerised eye-testing in India.

With over a century of customer-centric approach and irrefutable value-for-money stocks, Lawrence & Mayo embraces the swelling customer support and patronage through furnishing a novel range of collection and service.


Insightful and rich with history.

With eyes to the stars and roots firmly planted in the grounds of Calcutta over 142 years, Lawrence & Mayo is a pedigree family-run business, with "no-franchise outlets".

Lawrence & Mayo held in high repute by queens, barons, viceroys; and fancied by Queen Mary, were spotted styled in Lawrence & Mayo wares during the Wimbledon Finals in 1923.

Driven by long-term growth, Lawrence & Mayo places its rooted traditions, quality and care at the core of our hearts to honour our customers with unmatched experience.

A no-franchise business model operating over 142 years, has stayed resilient in our journey through flexibility and creativity nudging our growth into 100+ stores across 32 major cities, to provide a focused array of services in India.


A future crafted with foresight of innovation.

As one of India's finest optician, Lawrence & Mayo takes pride in seeing our customers and employees eye-to-eye.

Scaling the heights of quality and excellence, Lawrence & Mayo is devoted to motivate and empower its employees. Anchored by versatility and meticulous attention to detail; premium, fashionable, high-grade precision eye wear products are exhibited catering to our unique clientele preference.

Valued stock, befitting prices along with a buffet of international brands made available in the vast network of showrooms, Lawrence & Mayo stands as an ideal platform outreaching to the dynamic Indian market of optical care.

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