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It’s time to bust two of the most common myths about Blue Light!


#1 MYTH:

“Blue light is emitted only by digital screens such as mobiles and computers.”

REALITY - Blue light is part of our natural light, it is an essential component of sunlight which we receive every day. You don’t have to take our word for it, try picturing those beautiful all elusive rainbows. You’ll realize that blue light is part of everyday natural light and its always been around. The difference is, this natural blue light is balanced with all the other VIBGYOR colors, while artificial light is not. Have a look at the comparison on the left.

So what’s changed?
We’re spending more time on digital devices than ever before: desktops, laptops, TVs, mobiles, smartwatches and the list goes on. As you know the light on these devices is not natural and unfortunately unbalanced, we call this HEV light (High-Energy Visible).
The increasing use of digital screens and the visible blue hue emitted by these screens has made blue light synonymous with digital screens such as mobiles and laptops. 

#2 MYTH:

“My eyes cannot naturally protect me from Blue light.”

REALITY - Our eyes have natural physiological filters (built-in protection) which protect us from naturally occurring blue light. However, these defenses weaken with age due to the yellowing of our eye’s crystalline lens and the accumulation of Lipofuscin, a pigment typical of tissue aging, causing greater absorption of HEV light.
While this wasn’t much cause for concern in the past it is becoming an increasingly important today due to changes in our lifestyle.
We spend more time today than ever before working on digital screens, watching our favorite TV shows and texting our friends and loved ones on social media. These are just three of the thousands of things we do with digital devices. Let’s face it, we can manage the amount of time we spend on them but these devices are not going away.
That’s why our natural defenses are no longer enough, they need reinforcements! 

Blue Light

Not convinced that you’re exposed to a lot of blue light?!

Have a look at the most commonly experienced sources of blue light, both indoors and outdoors:

Man-Made Source of HEV Light


Don’t worry, we wouldn’t ask you to read this far if we didn’t have something worth your time. 


Benefits of LM Blue Zero Lenses

Our Blue Zero lenses help preserve your visual health in the following essential ways:

1. Blue Light Protection: They effectively block the harmful HEV light from reaching the retina, a must-have shield for maintaining visual acuity

Effectiveness of Different Lenses

2. UV Protection: Our lenses cut out harmful UVA and UVB light providing effective UV protection

3. Anti-Reflection Coating: This essential coating cuts off excess distractions so can focus on what is important to you

4. Supreme Lens Clarity: The clarity of the lenses ensures high visual comfort in any kind of lighting or environment

5. Reduces Eye Strain: They are effective in reducing eye strains during prolonged exposure to digital gadgets like computers, mobiles or television sets, but as always remember to blink!

6. All-Day-Comfort: They are absolutely safe and comfortable for all-day-long wear

7. Wide Suitability: Any child or adult who uses eyeglasses (with or without a prescription) can benefit from these lenses

8. No Residue: They eliminate the blue residue visible on other blue light filter lenses

Lens Comparison

# FAQ:

“I don’t have an eye power so I don’t need numbered lenses, can these lenses still help me?”

Yes, 100%!
Even if you don’t have a prescription (“a number”) you can still use our LM Blue Zero lenses with no power and enjoy all the benefits of the lens.

Blue Light

Here are some of the staggeringly negative effects of blue light on the eyes, which
LM Blue Zero lenses provide effective long-term protection against:

HEV light
  • It causes blurred vision: When lens fail to focus on all colours to the same point it is called chromatic aberration. This decreases with increasing wavelength of light. That’s why people having prolonged exposure to Blue Light emissions often complain of blurred vision, a severe form of visual distress.
  • It may cause insomnia or lack of sleep: Avoiding excessive exposure to HEV Light is crucial not just for the visual health but for overall health as well. Why? Melatonin, the hormone that controls sleep/wake pattern of the body, is prone to suppression by Blue Light emissions. And regular night-time use of devices such as tablets, smartphones, televisions and computers, can severely disrupt the natural sleep cycle. This can make one susceptible to health risks such as impaired immune system and diabetes, obesity, and heart issues.
  • Triggers other kinds of visual distresses: The loss of ‘Contrast’ due to disproportionate focus on the retina can result in eye strain, headache, dry eyes, eye irritation, and loss of visual attention.
  • May even cause onset of early cataract: Scientific evidence shows that the eye’s natural physiological filters are not equipped to cope with intensive, cumulative exposure to HEV light, which is the main cause of Retinal Light Toxicity. This situation further endangers the crystalline ‘natural’ lens, contributing to the early development of cataract. 
HEV blue light

Caution: Do visit your ophthalmologist immediately if you face blurred vision or any other symptoms mentioned above. And upgrade your glasses with LM Blue Zero Lenses to safeguard your eyes from further damage.

Our entire Frames collection is easily customizable with LM Blue Zero lenses, and at attractive price points.


With a lot of counterfeits in the market, we have made it easy for our customers to identify our products and know that we back our quality commitments.

All our products come with initials ‘LM’ blow-marked on one of the lenses. You can find identify them instantly (refer image below) on inspection.

LM Blow Mark

Why Opt For LM’s Blue Light Lenses?

There are two kinds of Blue-light protective lenses available in the market - Coated lenses and Built-in protection lenses. Our Blue Zero lenses are ahead of other brands as they offer an in-built protection and doesn’t allow for any ‘yellowing’ or colour residues.
To make your selection process easier, here are a few reasons why LM’s in-built protective lenses are better than coated ones:

Trophy icon

No reflections

Coated lenses reflect blue light whereas in-built lenses absorb blue light.

Strength icon

In-built protection

Coated are regular lenses coated with a blue protect coating, whereas in-built lenses are made of a unique polymer, injected with blue light protection.

Watch icon

Perfect for long-term use

Lenses having blue-protect coating degrade with age due to wear and scratches. Coating may even peel off in some cases. In-built protective lenses continue to give same level of effectiveness in Blue light protection throughout.

Medal icon

No Residues

Coated have blueish pink residue on the lenses whereas in-built do not have any residue.

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Get a closer look at our complete collection

You can now safeguard your eyes against gadgets’ screen glare by selecting LM Blue Zero lenses for your eyewear. Now available on
LM online store or at any of our 100+ Pan-India showrooms.

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